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> Texte cevennescevennes, GB,cevennes, OC,
> Texte cévennescevennes, GB,cevennes, OC,
> Texte cevennes,cevennes, GB,cevennes, OC,
> Texte cevennescevennes, GB,cevennes, OC,
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Landscapes of Cevennes, mines and cévenols miners, festival of Avignon, any photos in Languedoc and Provence. This site contains approximately 2000 photos. They are only an outline of the tens of thousand archived photos. Select your page in the menu... to enlarge a photo : click return on the page : click (X) corresponding in the photo. Goud consultation.

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Cévenne, Cévennes :

Are situated in the south of the Massif Central, in front of the Mediterranean sea, between the departments of the Ardèche and the Hérault, mainly on the north, northwest of the Gard and the south of Lozère. For the purists, between Mountain Aigoual and Mountain Lozère. Its main valleys are called, borgne valley, French valley, valley of Galeizon, Long valley , more some the others quite so deep. Fabulous and sometimes underestimated landscapes if out beaten tracks... Causses and Cevennes are on the World patrimony list of UNESCO.

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Coalmines and last Cévenols miners :

In 1980, Collieries decide on the closure of the well Destival. Begin then of the hardest strike of the history of the mine. During 13 months the miners occupy the well, show, collect, extract the coal and market it for their own account. During these 13 months, they make discover the bottom of the mine to thousands of visitors come support their fight. In may, 1981, the end of the strike and the new hiring, but everything is questioned in 1985 with the closure of the well of Oules ! Last strike with occupation of the well...



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